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The purpose of this page is to report on specific opportunities for composers that arise from time to time. Because of the speed with which new opportunities are reported to us and put onto the site some of the dates of events and deadlines will have passed before those particular opportunities have been removed from the page. We can not guarantee accuracy and legitimacy of the listed opportunities. Please always contact listed source of the information for details.

Call for Composers and Performers

First Athens Composer/Performer Conference for PhD students in co-operation with Goldsmiths University of London and St. Catherine’s School, Athens, Greece

November 6 and 7, 2009

Location: St. Catherine’s School, Athens, Greece and the Theocharakis Foundation Concert Hall, Athens Greece

PhD students of composition and performance are invited to apply to be part of the First Athens Composer/Performer Conference which will be held in co-operation with Goldsmiths University of London and St. Catherine’s School in Athens Greece. The conference will match composers with performers to show the relationship of the creator and performer and their combined role in the “making and unmaking” of a new composition.

The first day will consist of each composer presenting his/her work which will then be performed by the appropriate musician. The composer and performer will discuss the results and examine what may need changing in the piece and/or in the interpretation of the piece. The audience will consist of the conference participants and advanced music students from the Athens community. The chair and keynote speaker of the conference will be composer/conductor Roger Redgate, co-director of the Centre for Contemporary Music Cultures, Goldsmiths, University of London and director of Contemporary Music Ensemble Exposé

The second day will be preparation for an evening concert of the works discussed at the Theocharakis Concert Hall located in the centre of Athens near Syntagma. A CD recording of the concert will be made as well as a booklet of program notes from the composers and performers.

Billeting from families and staff from St. Catherine’s school can be requested if so desired by candidates.

Interested applicants should send a Biography of approximately 250 words through an email. Composers must send one composition for solo instrumentation (acoustic instruments) of not more than 10 minutes in length and a description of the intentions of the piece (no more than 500 words). The composition must be attached in either PDF file format or on Sibelius 4. Performers should send a repertoire list of pieces played in concerts during the last 5 years along with the Biography of 250 words of length. An mp3 file of a performance of the candidate can be attached along with the above requirements, but it is not mandatory. If chosen, the performer must as well write a short description of his/her impression of the composition she/he will play in the conference.

Applications must be received by June 1, 2009. Results will be given by July 10. Compositions will be given to performers by August 1.

Sponsors of this event: Diamantopoulos S.A.

Mass Athens S.A., a “COMM GROUP” company

Please send the above information to: Coreen Morsink (


The Austin Peay State University Young Composers Competition has been held annually since 1987. Since becoming a national competition in 1993, the Department of Music and the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts have awarded prizes to composers from such prestigious musical institutions such as Peabody Conservatory of Music, Harvard University, Yale University, the Cleveland Institute, New York University, and the Eastman School of Music. Its purpose is to encourage young composers by providing professional-level performances of their music as well as financial incentive and support. Those composers winning first prize are traditionally invited to the Austin Peay State University campus for the performance of their music, a vitally important facet of the competition. While here, these young composers interact with both undergraduate and graduate students in composition and theory, talking to classes and meeting with composition students.


The first prize winning entry will be performed during the 2009 – 2010 season of the DIMENSIONS CONTEMPORARY MUSIC SERIES AT AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY 

This competition is open to student composers who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States and either must be enrolled in accredited public, private or parochial secondary schools, in accredited colleges or conservatories of music, or engaged in the private study of music with recognized and established teachers. An applicant must not have reached his/her 30th birthday by May 30, 2008. 

1. Works submitted should be, if possible, for the following instruments and voices, in any combination: 
INSTRUMENTS: flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, horn, violin, cello, piano, percussion, guitar 
VOICES: soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor Other instrumental and vocal combinations can and will be considered equally; but a performance cannot be guaranteed. 

2. The Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts will designate a secret panel of judges chosen from qualified University faculty and composers. Their decision will be final, with the right to withhold awards in the event that no entry is judged worthy. 

3. The composer’s name should not appear on the score. All works will be judged anonymously. A pseudonym should appear on the score. Attach to the score a separate letter containing the pseudonym and the name, address and telephone number of the composer. 

4. Scores will not be returned unless a self-addressed stamped envelope of the proper size is enclosed. 

5. Each composer may submit one score. 

6. Each composition must satisfy the following conditions: 
a. It must be between 4 and 15 minutes duration, with performing time listed on the first page. 
b. It must be a copy; please do not send any original manuscripts. The Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts will make every effort to return all materials, but disclaims responsibility for loss or accidental destruction of materials in its possession. 
c. Composers must indicate in the score whether the work is written in concert pitch or transposed. 
d. A CD of the work, if available, should be submitted with the score. This is not a requirement. 
e. In the case of ensemble works, clear, proofread parts must be available on request. 

7. All entries must be postmarked by May 30, 2009. Contestants will be informed of the results of the competition no later than September 2009. 



In celebration of the Royal Canadian College of Organist's 100th Anniversary, the Annual Festival of New Organ Music (AFNOM) is running a composition competition alongside its main exhibitions, which take place during the first weekend in August this year. Composers of any age or nationality are invited to write a three-minute 'Fanfare' (in celebration of the RCCO's centenary) which will open the festival-recital being given in Westminster Abbey by celebrated Canadian concert organist Maxine Thévenot on Sunday 2nd August. The winning work will be published and recorded and several 'runners-up' will be included elsewhere in the festival. The best entries will also be published in a volume entitled 'Anniversary Fanfares' by the Royal Canadian College of Organists. 

To enter the competition, download the general application form and fill it out in the usual way. Mark in the relevant checkbox that your work is for entry to the competition and send it, together with two copies of the score and entry fee of £40 (forty pounds sterling) to the Festival Director no later than 1st April 2009. If desired, copies of up to two other works can also be included with this fee for consideration in the main exhibition-concerts. 

All entries to the competition will be automatically considered for inclusion at exhibitions during AFNOM in London and 'Organo Novo' in Helsinki. Acknowledgement of receipt will be given by email and the winning piece will be announced online before 1st May. Please remember to fill out the 'performer' section on the application form in the event that your piece is selected for an exhibiton-concert. If enough entries are received, the Royal Canadian College of Organists will publish a special volume containing each one as a momento of the occasion. 

NB: Scores should be presented as clearly as possible (preferably typeset) and bound. Your name and any dedication should appear on the title page along with copyright information. The title does not necessarily have to include the word 'Fanfare' although the nature of the piece should be as such. 

For full details visit the festival website

The Longfellow Chorus, Inc.

of Portland, Maine, USA, seeks submissions to its 2009-2010 International Composers Competition in three categories: 
1) Cantata, 
2) Choral/piano and 
3) Solo Song Tenor. 

Deadline August 1, 2009 
The Longfellow Chorus seeks representative previous orchestral score and 3-5 minute work sample of a proposed 10-20 minute cantata setting the poetry, prose or translated text by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Stage I deadline August 1, 2009). Selected finalists should have (Stage II) piano-vocal score completed by Jan. 1 and full score and parts by Feb. 1, 2010, for premier performances in Portland, Maine, USA, on Feb. 27-28, 2010. Cash prize, and archival recording. 

Deadline December 14, 2009 
The Longfellow Chorus seeks new settings of poetry, prose or translated text by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow under 6 minutes in length for chorus and piano (or a cappella) or for tenor voice and piano. Cash prizes, performance in Portland, Maine, USA, on Feb. 27-28, 2010, and archival recordings.

Please visit The Longfellow Chorus competition website for complete details: 

Contact Charles Kaufmann, Longfellow Chorus Director: 
Sibelius Opportunities 

Australian Music Centre

Quest Music Library

An opportunity has arisen for composers to contribute music audio to a worldwide music library. Click this link for details:

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