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Jeroen Speak first appeared on the European contemporary music scene in the early 90's, and has since then been featured at most of the major Music Festivals Including the Huddersfield Festival (UK), ISCM World Music Days, the Gaudeamus festival, and the Asian Composers League Festivals. He has studied with Michael Finnissy, Jonathan Harvey and Harrison Birtwistle.

More recently Speak has been focusing on various influences derived from his research in China and Taiwan, including elements related to the concept of gesture, notation and our physical connection with music and the instrument itself.

His most recent work (of the last 4 years) includes the 'Silk Dialogues' a large work consisting of many smaller works for various instrumental combinations. The fifth ('Silk Dialogue V') was commissioned by the ISCM ensemble in residence ‘Ensemble Antipodes’ and was premièred at the ISCM World Music Days Stuttgart (2006), A 'second version' was premièred at the Gaudeamus Festival in the same year. In 2007 he was commissioned by Richard Haynes and Elision (Australia) for a new work (Silk Dialogue VI) for Clarinet, Flute and string quartet, to be premièred 2009 (TBA).

In 2006 his formidable solo piano work The Character of Time was premièred in 2006 at Darmstadt by Nicolas Hodges, and his percussion work GuTa for 3 percusionists and amplification was premièred in Taiwan by the Forum Music Ensemble. Most recently 2008 he was commissioned by Odaline De La Martinez to write a piano trio (Lingua e Realidade) for the UK-based group Lontano, which was premièred in April 2008 in the Purcell Room. He is currently working on new projects with Richard Craig (Norway), Elision (australia), Stroma (New Zealand), and Ensemble Bash (UK)


Character of time (sample)
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