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LORELT (Lontano Records Ltd, http://www.lorelt.co.uk/ )
is the first independent classical record label in the UK to offer its own MP3 downloads. It was formed in 1992 to promote recordings of important repertoire neglected by major record labels.

The three main areas to be covered were:

- Contemporary Composers

- Women Composers of all periods

- Latin American Classical music.

In its first year LORELT released British Women Composers Volume 1 (with music by Errollyn Wallen, Lindsay Cooper, Nicola LeFanu and Dame Elizabeth Maconchy), British Women Composers Volume 2 (with music
by Melinda Maxwell, Hilary Tann, Judith Weir, Odaline de la Martinez and Eleanor Alberga)  and an album of Chamber Music and Choral Works by the Brazilian composer Hector Villa-Lobos featuring Lontano, Martinez and the BBC Singers.

Originally the label was established to release recordings by Lontano but, as the label has grown, other artists have been signed too.

LORELT is proud to be associated with Alma Petchersky, the Archaeus
String Quartet, the BBC Symphony, Marina Tafur, Elinor Bennett, Rebecca de Pont Davies, the Angell Piano Trio, the BBC Singers, Ingrid Culliford, Marc Ponthus and many others.

LORELT has released recordings of a vast array of 20th and 21st Century composers' music including the only commercially released recording of Pierre Boulez's LeMarteau sans Maître not conducted by the composer himself as well as the debut recording by Minna Keal.

Recent releases include Songs from Latin America, Alma Latina and Brazilian Mosaic, all focusing mostly on Latin American repertoire.

Following the success of the Archaeus String Quartet's CD of music by Smyth, Beach and Spain-Dunk, LORELT recently released music from New Zealand Women Composers with Lontano and Odaline de la Martinez. This was followed by three contemporary CDs also with Lontano and Martinez: Music from Northern Ireland, The Music of Jeremy Dale Roberts and Luís Tinoco: Chamber Works. The latter features the soprano Eileen Hulse.

2005 and 2006 saw the release of four piano CDs: Lecuona - Ernesto and Ernestina with Clélia Iruzun, Piano Music of Carlos Guastavino with Alma Petchersky, and the introduction of two new excellent artists, David Quigley: Piano Music from Northern Ireland and Marietta Veulens: Piano Cubano - De algunas zonas del alma, the latter - a fusion of Afro-Cuban and classical music - representing a new area of interest for LORELT.

2007 saw several further new releases. They were Piano Music of Francisco Mignone with Clélia Iruzun, Chamber and Choral Music by Peter Child with Lontano, Odaline de la Martinez and the BBC Singers, and Chamber Music of Dorothy Ker, also with Lontano and Martinez. To celebrate her 100th anniversary, two CDs of music by Dame Elizabeth Maconchy were also released. The first, Choral Worksby Elizabeth Maconchy was due for release at the end of 2007 with Odaline de la Martinez and the BBC Singers, followed by Orchestral works of Elizabeth Maconchy in 2008.

LORELT offers a sumptuous banquet of exotic and exquisite delights. You can visit their web site - http://www.lorelt.co.uk